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How a photo from our Los Cabos, Mexico trip helped change my mindset - parents getaway weekend - Travel Blog - Los Cabos, Mexico

As we got back from our second trip to what I call “vacation Mexico” I can’t help but reflect on my first trip to Los Cabo’s at the beginning of October. 1, I am extremely grateful to be asked by awesome couples and friends to come to some magical places to capture their wedding days! And 2, I got to bring along my husband, Alex for our trip to Los Cabo’s and there was nothing more I wanted then a long parents weekend in paradise.

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Be the driver of your life - Morning Motive 10/29

Living in pursuit of my purpose is something I strive to do every day, do you? Yes, some days will seem like the world is against you, like things are crashing down and you don’t have control of that, you don’t have control of anything except yourself, and your words and actions.

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