We have so much life to live - Morning Motive - entrepreneur encouragement

We have so much life to live, but life is so short.

So why don’t we stop worrying and do what we have aspirations for.
What’s going to happen if it doesn’t work?
Like really, what will happen? Will you die?

Because if that’s the end result then yeah, I would suggest to think it through a bit more. Here’s the thing, we’re all so scared about the what ifs that we never take the chance to say WHAT IF NOT. Ask yourself, what if this doesn’t fail, what greatness will come of it?
How will my life look?
How will it make an impact?
What will I be able to do more of when this (insert goal/aspiration/mission) works out?

Tell me what are you inserting into that blank, what is your goal/aspiration/mission, big or small!? Hit that comment button because I want to hear!

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<3 April