Be the driver of your life - Morning Motive 10/29

Today’s morning motive is brought to you in celebration of my Emmy turning 9 today!

Living in pursuit of my purpose is something I strive to do every day, do you? Yes, some days will seem like the world is against you, like things are crashing down and you don’t have control of that, you don’t have control of anything except yourself, and your words and actions.

April Yentas Photography - Emmy vantage-6.jpg

Find the thing(s) that light your way. Go after life fearlessly and faithfully. Go after your dreams with relentless enthusiasm for what could be (and will be, because you can make it happen), don’t hesitate, take action, now. Yesterday is gone, you don’t know what tomorrow will be, you have NOW.

Face the things that challenge you in firm footing. Knowing why you are doing what you do. This one is a rough road to take on, and if you don’t explore your purpose first, you might fall on your face. But the point is, is that you get back up and figure out another stance to take that will be stronger.

All in a matter of minutes, this girls existence knocked me down and lit up my way of being. All in a matter of minutes, my life did a complete 180. All in a matter of minutes I got back up with a different look, feel, and footing for life. It took a long time for me to face items of life fearlessly, and everyday, we all struggle with the fears of what if. I internalized just about everything. But with each step that lit up my pursuit of mom, wife, friend, family, business owner, leader, I found my footing more and more firmly planted into the drivers seat. WE ARE THE DRIVERS OF OUR LIFE. But we can’t pursue the open road without fearless, faithful, relentless enthusiasm for what it will bring.

Happy Birthday to my Emmy, she has taught me to be in constant pursuit of a life worth living, to stand stronger when I get back up, and to live now.