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As we got back from our second trip to what I call “vacation Mexico” I can’t help but reflect on my first trip to Los Cabo’s at the beginning of October. 1, I am extremely grateful to be asked by awesome couples and friends to come to some magical places to capture their wedding days! And 2, I got to bring along my husband, Alex for our trip to Los Cabo’s and there was nothing more I wanted then a long parents weekend in paradise.

You’ll notice he is rocking that sweet mustache in our photos, and I got very upset with him for shaving his nice beard into his creepy mustache. It was selfish of me to get mad - but to me, it is pretty ridiculous looking, to him, he thinks its awesome. So we left it at that, haha! But in all reality, I never realized how necessary a weekend away for us parents was until we had this chance! It took some planning and help from family members to maneuver Emmy around for the weekend, and I am so grateful!

For me personally the mere fact that I just didn’t have to answer to anyone or do anything, and could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted, which is basically just do nothing and sip margaritas while clinging to my husband in the pool and basking at the sheer beauty of the infinite horizon. It was everything I needed and wanted that I didn’t know I needed and wanted. Have you ever had one of those moments?

I think what made it so wonderful and created the ability to relax was going with an all inclusive resort, and a top notch one at that. The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos was perfection! This resort is where my couple, Kyndell and Miles were getting married so I automatically booked that resort, and so glad I did. I am sure other resorts do a fine job, but I will say when I go to Cabo again, I will 100% book at the Hyatt Ziva. The staff and service was excellent, all of the food and drinks were amazing too! Now I see why people love Mexico so much. The beauty, the affordability and the fact that you can go and pay for all inclusive and not worry about another thing! It’s pretty much genius.

Not only did I have such a good time unwinding, I could tell my husband was just as impressed and had just as good of a time that I did, and he doesn’t even drink alcohol! ;)

There are times in running a business and doing all the things while trying to be a wife & mom too that sometimes being a loving spouse (while having time to love myself) and taking a beat to pay attention, like really pay attention to each other gets put on the back burner, so to speak. For our sake, I feel like this couples vacation came at just the right time to not sink into that place. It reinvigorating me, not only personally but relationally too.

Give your marriage some love. You can’t be heard if you don’t speak up. Being married is an ever evolving beautiful challenge and that is what is so powerful about it; to stay in, talk, listen, be heard, and through all of it making sure you are taking time for just the 2 of you.

One other thing I want to say about this is, it’s okay to pause and take a beat. Stop worrying about your social media, email list, or what that OTHER person is doing, posting, saying… or cleaning your house, the Costco run, or catching up on your weekly tv show. When was the last time you took the time to truly pay attention to yourself & your loved ones; to stop, look, and listen. See their face, feel the emotions and have the moment to be felt and heard the same way back. I was talking down to myself, and started listening to my self limiting beliefs as if they were fact. News flash; they’re the farthest thing from fact. The picture above is probably the most vulnerable photo I have ever posted on the internet and why? because I don’t like my stretch marks. It’s funny because when we were taking this photo I felt great in the moment, I am comfortable around my husband of course, and I was not caring what “other people thought”. When in most cases, they’re not thinking anything of it, what those “other people are thinking” are more likely to be far from what we think they are thinking. That is what holds us back, that is what takes our fire, the fact that we are taking the time to care what other people think or feel about what we feel good about. Well that’s a mouthful just to type out.

Think about this; we feel good about something and start out for it, and instead of being open and vulnerable in sharing with the world what we love, what we are feeling proud of, our self talk depletes the love, the good, the victory we feel. And we hide in our minds thinking “but what will they think”. It’s absurd that we are THINKING that we think we know what other people are THINKING. Again, a mouthful. I am fit, and I have stretch marks and call me naive but for a long time I was so hard on myself for it. I was hard on myself for it because I told myself “what people would think” was more important, I told myself that caring about what people might say (to me or not) was more important.

Photos are really powerful, they can convey emotions that run deep without us even consciously realizing. But what you don’t see is the moments I cried to God in prayer to bring a healthy girl into my life. What you don’t see is the young women baring her broken soul to a man who wanted to mend it (& marry it :) ) You can see the marks on my stomach I got from carrying my daughter, but not the marks that were buried deep in my heart. You can see the muscles I grew with hard work in the gym, but maybe not the strength it took for me to have faith that everything would be okay.

It took me a long time to be proud of myself, it took a long time to acknowledge my accomplishments thus far. It came down to the inner work and not so much what I was doing on the outside to be capable of this mindset shift.

Seeing that photo up there makes me happy, because I was truly happy and living life to the fullest. I encourage you to listen to what you love, listen to the good, and SHARE the victories. It is a big goal of mine in 2019 to create something magical for those who are ready to do the inner work, to work on their personal development with NO regrets. To show up as themselves, past and present to work on their future. Want to know when these things are going to happen? Get on my email list:

What self limiting belief are you listening to like its a fact, what are you working to overcome?

I am looking forward to sharing more of my travels from this year and upcoming, this personal side of my blog is going to be growing and if you enjoy hearing these tips & thoughts on the different subjects, like personal development, travel, marriage, and entrepreneurship, I ask you to leave a comment and share your thoughts back and tell me what you think!

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