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Morning routines!!! Love em or hate em? I highly suggest you start LOVING THEMMM!! When you are working for yourself, being your own boss, walking 5 feet to your desk, it is easy to fall into the routine of pj party all day, erry day. Right? 

We work for ourselves right, that is one of the many awesome reasons why we chose the route of entrepreneurship. But some days we can feel knocked off course, and they may very well be because you don't have a morning routine down, or your morning routine got messed up! Bummer! Well I am sharing 3 things you can do to have a better morning right here, right now!

So I read this book a while back; Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod & Cameron Herold. This is where this blog post is stemming from. So I highly suggest you click that link above to head to Amazon and order yourself a copy!  The book goes really in depth of what you can do to rearrange and have a miracle morning. I am sharing the 3 biggest things I took from that book and take go my morning without them! Here we go.....

1. Drink a full glass of water. It is essential, any and every day that I drink a full glass of water before I even take a sip of coffee. You are doing your body a huge favor and also nice cold water helps me wake up!

2. Get dressed!!! This is a big one for us work from home entrepreneurs. It is easy to fall into the trap of pjs all day right? Most days I don't even know what I am planning to do, but I get up and get dressed in my workout clothes, even if I don't plan on going to the gym that day. The act of changing my clothes makes me feel like I already have accomplished something for the day and it also again, helps me wake up!

3. Read or write. This is a two-for-one, do both, do either or, but do one! Having a book you are always reading, even if that is the only time you get to read, you are doing you body and mind a favor by taking a minute of quiet to read or write and it just may spark some inspiration for what you need to get done that day! 

Okay there you have it, simple and easy! I am sharing what my mornings (and feelings about mornings) specifically look like below! So start getting up, and getting READY for your day. 

3 things for a better morning | morning routine | tips for creative entrepreneurs

I have found more recently I have been more lax in my time that I wake up in the morning. I used to stress about it, like I HAD to get up at 6am, "if I don't, I will fail!" That sort of thing. But after a while I realized my body and mind felt better when I got up just a bit later, and also didn't stress about the fact that I was getting up later. One thing that never changed was what I proceeded to do once I got out of bed. My morning routine. I go grab a glass of water and make my coffee, then head back to my room. I GET DRESSED - this is a HUGE one. If you take one thing from this to better your mornings, change your clothes. It not only wakes me up even more, but it already makes me feel like I have accomplished something for the day. I straighten up the bed and sit down with my notebooks and book, drink my glass of water and read some affirmations. 

I have taken some great affirmations from the Miracle Morning book, but also put others together from other self help/inspirational books and I also read off my big goals and dreams as well. When your making your own affirmations, write down goals/dreams/ideas in an affirming way; I will, I can. I also read through notes I have taken down in my notebooks to remind myself of those things. Then, I write more in the morning if anything comes to me, and/or I read a few pages of whatever book I am reading before I pick up my phone to do any email/social media check in. By this time I am at the bottom of my coffee and its time to wake up the kiddo and get the day rolling!

That is what I do and I suggest you take note of some routines you may already have in place but might need to be fine tuned. Take charge of your mornings and your day will start to follow in the take charge mindset! 

3 tips for a better morning | tips for creative entrepreneurs