The best time of day for engagement sessions - wedding planning tips - for the bride - seattle wedding photographer

There's no doubt about it, planning a wedding has a lot of choices, decisions, and high stress factors. So let me help you with deciding on this one thing; plan your engagement session for sunrise or sunset. I PROMISE (yes I bolded that) you won't regret it! Even more so, you will receive photos full of that magical golden hour glow or if its cloudy it is still HIGHLY suggested in doing your engagement session at sunrise or sunset. 

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As a photographer the light is what we work with. We plan for where it is going to be at the time of day, and at sunrise or sunset, the sun is low in the sky creating beautiful light sweeping across the landscape and our subjects (you!) When the sun gets high in the sky it starts to created high contrast and shadows on your faces (hello raccoon eyes) Now if you are working with a professional photographer, they will figure out the best spots for having that sun so high in the sky, open shade is our other best friend. 

So when it comes to decided what time to do your engagement session, pick sunrise or sunset. Sunset is the most magical time for photos, I absolutely love it, and my couples also get to have the day to get ready, and take their time in anticipation of this fun time they are celebrating! 

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