wedding day tips - 5 options for your grand exit - tips for brides

Is your grand exit going to be when it is still light out? Are your ceremony and reception at different locations? Does your venue not allow certain things to be thrown through the air to be left for them to clean up? 

There are a lot of scenarios for different reason you may think you should forgo an exit, but is also doesn't have to be an EXIT, it can be your ENTRANCE!! When I ask brides if they are doing some sort of exit they sometimes say there not sure, or they want to stay till the end of the night, which means maybe not everyone will be there to do that fun exciting idea they have. But what if your grand entrance to your reception your receiving line or, grand entrance!! Its a great alternative option to go for and get those fun photos of you and your groom funneling through all of your guests! Also, if your ceremony is at one location - plan an exit from your ceremony when you head to your ride to the reception!

So now that you have an idea of when you could do your exit or entrance ;) Here are 5 options you may love to use; (Photos are not mine, for examples only)

1. The go to: Sparklers - this is not a fad, and I love that it is here to stay, sparklers for a wedding exit automatically create energy in photos. An awesome idea to do if you have a good feeling there will be many people still dancing the night away to be there to send you off!


2. Something new: White Balloons with LED lights - This is SUCH a cool idea and once I saw in a photo recently. It creates even more light(photographers favorite thing) then sparklers and it looks dreamy with the glowing balloons all around!


3. Dried something: dried flowers, leaves, lavender. This is a fantastic option if your venue has restrictions on what is thrown around on their grounds. And if creates such beautiful colors too!


4. Different meets dreamy: Ribbons - ribbons tied to dowels to create a tunnel to run through is a fun way to bring more of your wedding colors into your photos. This is one you may want to plan for doing in the daylight(as an entrance) to really see the colors and waves of the ribbon in the air.


5. Pop the.... confetti. And easy and fun idea to use for your grand exit/entrance. Get confetti in your wedding colors, they even have confetti poppers for guests to easily pop at you as your walking!


Your grand exit/entrance is such a fun moment of the day! See if there is a time to incorporate something like this to your day, you won't regret it!