Washington Park Arboretum - Engagement Session - Tracy & Megan - Seattle Wedding Photographer

After what seemed like forever, Megan got her ring! Megan and Tracy went together and picked out all the elements of her gorgeous engagement ring. Megan knew her ring had been picked up by Tracy and she waited weeks, even months. Of course, since she knew it was coming Tracy tried to plan something for when she wouldn’t expect it.

They took a small trip to the Washington Coast up to Cape Flattery. They had been on many trips before this so Megan thought nothing of it because she figured if it hadn’t happened at the fun trip to Las Vegas, or down to San Deigo then it won’t happen on this random trip to the coast.

They took a small hike up to the lookout point at Cape Flattery, Tracy was fidgeting around and finally got down on one knee and as he opened the box before he even said the words she grabbed the ring and said “yes.” Tracy and Megan are very good friends of mine. They are two that really go together, and I am happy to say that I was the matchmaker of this beautiful love story! J

I am thrilled to be documenting their love in the summer of 2018 in Arlington, WA.