Bridal Show Set Up - Northwest Wedding Bridal Showcase - Seattle Wedding Photographer

I found a bridal show that ended up having a photographer spot open up, The Northwest Bridal Showcase at Tulalip Casino. It was my first bridal show, and I was NERVOUS! I did so much research I might have done too much. I am including in here what I did and then going to tell you what I would have left out. It was an amazing experience and I would 100% go back again next year. I would however, not do as much as I did.

Here is a list of all of the things I bought or created in order to “have everything I needed”:

-tall square wood table from Target

-marble console table from Target

-marble console table from Hobby Lobby

-fake greenery and leaves from Hobby Lobby

-Misc. gold vase, lanterns, frames, décor from Hobby Lobby

-Wood signs and a lit up chalkboard sign, then hired and calligrapher (Sribe by V) to do the signs

-Ordered my first sample album

-Created and ordered a wedding collection folded brochure

-Created and ordered a ‘lets be friends’ Instagram post card

-Created and ordered all new business cards

-Created a calendar for dates available

-Created a slideshow

-Bought and built(well my husband) a stand for a backdrop

-Fresh flowers from QFC

-Ordered prints from WHCC for my frames

-Rug from Hobby Lobby

-String lights from Hobby Lobby

Phew!!! In the end of it all, its just a lesson learned. I did not need ALL of that stuff, or as much as I ordered. Bridal Shows are tough to know what brides are going to like. Now, I got a tremendous amount of compliments on my booth, but it felt like a little too much.

Here are some notes I have about my experience. I loved having a backdrop, but would love to work on one a little more portable, now that huge thing is sitting in my garage and I am not sure what to do with it! Flowers are a must, and the professionally done signs were a hit with brides and other vendors. I will definitely create a new wedding collection guide or maybe a mini bridal guide book to hand out, as well as my Instagram postcards for next year. A slideshow only works if you have a larger screen, I had my dinky 13” macbook and it was in the back of my booth – so no one really noticed that. Thanksfully, I just invested in a 27” iMac that I will be using for my slideshow at the bridal show next year. This goes for my dates available, it was in the back of the booth were no one walked back to and was not able to be seen. All in all, the big takeaway that I am going to go with is Less is More.

I cannot wait to take all of the things I have learned and implement them in next years Bridal Showcase! I hope this helps any of you photographers or other wedding industry professionals looking for tips on your booth at a bridal show.