Kona, Hawaii Wedding - Sarah & Damon - hawaii wedding photographer

My very good friends took us to Hawaii to capture their day! This year was my first couple of destination weddings and I can’t wait for more! I love traveling and when I can make it a work trip, and also bring my family it is like striking gold.

Sarah rented out a whole compound to have her wedding day at! There was 4 hours and 2 pools on the property and it was absolutely beautiful. We had an incredible week with their big day nestled right in the middle! The greenery and foliage that Hawaii has to offer for wedding days is so perfect and my favorite thing when it comes to tropical destination weddings!

I like the sound of Hawaii wedding photographer under my belt. I am always up for the travel and the adventure!

Venue: Homes Over Kona

Hair: Megan Bell

Cake: Pineapple Bakery

Caterer: Umeks