Kylie & Eli - Pacific Northwest Lake Wedding - Seattle Wedding Photographer

Let me tell you a story about fate. Kylie and Eli were planning to get married in the summer mountains outside of Seattle. Two days before their wedding day their venue had canceled on them. TWO DAYS! What do you do with two days!? Luckily, it was going to be a small wedding with their very closest family and friends, so they regrouped and decided to relocate the wedding to Eli's family's cabin...

The cabin was built by Eli's grandfather, beautifully centered amongst the tall trees on the Pacific Northwests Lake Wooten. With so much family history it seemed so fitting for Kylie and Eli to say their vows under the summer sun on that dock. And honestly, when I got to the cabin it seemed like their plans for their wedding had perfectly fit with that lake house, like there was never any plan for something different.

Now let me tell you about Kylie and Eli. They have been together basically since the minute that they met. Their love is beautifully simple and compassionate, taking after two strong marriages their parents both hold. Kylie and Eli started and ended their wedding day with the ones whom they love the most.

A little fate + A lot of love= happily ever after. Kylie and Eli, It was a blessing to capture the love you two share. Thank you so much for including me in your special day!