eastern washington engagement session - cave b inn estates & winery - washington state wedding photographer - kyndell & miles

I made my way over to my FAVORITE area in Eastern Washington near the Cave B Inn Resort & Winery. There is something about these jagged cliffs on the Columbia River, with the sage brush, the colors of the cliffs against the blue skies, I just love it so much.

Kyndell and Miles met me for their engagement session and we had an incredible time, all ending with some wine tasting at Cave B Inn Winery!

These two are getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in October and I couldn't be more excited to be there with them! Fun fact about these two; there first date was for 4 days in Paris!! Kyndell was studying abroad, and after talking to Miles over the phone for some time, they made a plan for Miles to visit and that was the first date!! 

Here is their beautiful proposal story from Kyndell!

"On the morning of October 6th, Miles left for work and I went to get a diet coke before returning home to what I thought would be a productive and relaxing day at home. When I got home there was flowers and a note on the counter. I read the note that told me it would be a very special day, that I needed to get ready, pack nice shoes and a jacket, that someone would be knocking at the door soon, and I had a nail appointment at 10am. After my college best friend helped me get everything packed and popped a bottle of bubbly we headed to my nail appointment, after I had another note telling me it was time for lunch and shopping. At lunch, my sister and childhood best friend (who flew in from Colorado that morning!) were waiting for us. After we ate we quickly ran to The Rack to pick out an outfit for the night. Once back in the car, I got another note telling me I was headed to get a massage and my hair done! Each note was thoughtful, loving and sweet. After getting pampered and fully ready I had one last note. It told me that I would be seeing him soon, that I would see my mom first and that he hoped after being pampered all day I would see myself the way he sees me every day! We drove down to the house he grew up in, I met my mom at the end of their road and as she drove me down the gravel road she gave me some sweet motherly advice. I got out to a rose pedal lined path of canvas pictures of us, along with canvas prints of a our love story that he had written. At the end of the path, was a door that as I walked through I saw him standing there completely shivering. The first thing out of my mouth was not "I love you", "thank you", "this is amazing" nope, it was "Wow, you look cold!" to which he thought I said "you look old" we laughed and then he slightly nervously told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me before getting on one knee. His brother, sister, and sister in law all popped out from behind different trees with cameras and took lots of pictures, we walked to his parents house where our friends and family were waiting and we celebrated and danced. It was the most wonderful day!"