Snowy Leavenworth Winter Wedding - Mountain Springs Lodge wedding - Katie & Taylor - seattle wedding photographer

Katie and Taylor had pretty much the picture perfect snowy wedding day at Mountain Springs Lodge in Plain, Wa. The sun was out and it looked much different then a previous wedding I shot at Mountain Springs Lodge about 5 months earlier! It was awesome to see the different seasons at this beautiful venue. A snowy winter wedding it was for Katie and Taylor. They had awesome mugs as favors for their guests, Katie and friends put together all the centerpieces the week before and her mom made all of the bouquets! Like WHAT!

Each and every wedding is different and one of the many favorite things I have about weddings is two families coming together to celebrate the bride and groom! During their ceremony Katie and Taylors officiants asked all of their friends and family to stand up and put their hands out onto the person in front of them so everything extended out to Katie and Taylor in the middle, and a prayer made for them. It was a truly special moment and one of those I will never forget.

Katie and Taylor lit up Mountain Springs Lodge venue with music and laughter and it was such an awesome time to document it! Take a look at some of their photos below!