hustle with your heart - inspiration for creative entrepreneurs - newsletter blog series for creative entrepreneurs - chapter 1

Chapter one! Well I am going to get all of the things out of the way right now! I am creating this newsletter blog series as a place to share my thoughts, feelings, successes and failures with other creative entrepreneurs. From where I started, what I have learned, to the things I hope to provide others within creative business ownership.

I am not a writer, I have poor grammar, I type the way I converse and if it wasn't for the little red skwiggly line under misspelled words or errors, I would be toast. So I ask you to not judge me for my writing, but I hope you follow along and connect on some level. I also ask you to keep this conversation going, lets talk, through reply, through blog comments, through a Facebook community if there need be one at some point. I encourage you to use your voice and have no fear in what you want to say. 

For a long time, I felt what I had to say really didn't have a place. All that changed as I dove into entrepreneurship head first. 

Okay, here we go.... for most of high school and college, I felt like most things that came out of my mouth were overlooked. Not in a way like I wanted attention and I just wasn't being "seen" or any of that crap, but in everyday life, topics I tried to speak up on, or an opinion I may have had would not hold any type of value, or I personally felt like it was not valued for a really long time. 

But as we mature in age, we tend to realize, or I have realized that a lot of that feeling was all me. I was holding myself back with fear of putting myself out there, and fear of being uncomfortable, the fear of being confident in what I had to say. So yes, I was literally saying things that may have not been all that interesting, because I was afraid of really saying what I was thinking. 

Phew, okay, now were on the upswing.

Upswing? Sure thats the word I want to use. A LOT of this changed after I graduated college and had my daughter Emmy. There was no way in hell I was going to let fear get in the way anymore. I was speaking for someone else now. I was in charge of a tiny human and had no idea how to do it, but I knew I could, and there was nothing that would stop me. 

And with the grace of God, in walks my, now husband, Alex, 10 months after Emmy was born, not to stop me in my tracks, but to sweep me off them and show me there was a reason I put that fear aside and kept moving forward. Now, Emmy is 8 years old, Alex and I have been together for 7 1/2 years, married for almost 3 and as I have walked this journey of creative entrepreneurship for 2 years, I keep pushing that fear aside, I get uncomfortable, put myself out there to be heard just a little bit more day by day, week by week.

Because everyone wants to be comfortable, but you have got to feel that uncomfortable feeling. If you continue to move through the struggles you will only get better.

I hope you are encouraged to do something uncomfortable, so you can push past and see the greatness that may very well be on the other side.

Are you already doing this!? Getting uncomfortable and pushing past that fear? Or how can I be there for you when you do decide to take that leap? Can I show up in a FB live you are hosting? Can we collaborate on a event or chat live on a specific topic? Lets do this together! Tell me what you think! You can post in the comments, or shoot me an email at Let's make it happen!

 - April

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