surprise proposal at rattlesnake lake - angie & trevor - pnw wedding photographer

My first ever surprise proposal and it was pretty flippin amazing to say the least! I know Angie from the gym I am a member at, CrossFit Industrious. I do a lot of photo and video coverage for them as well and a lot of the members there know I specialize in couples & wedding photography. 

Trevor reached out to plan a surprise proposal to Angie, and I could not have been more excited to capture this moment. The way he planned it was perfect, with gifting her a photo session to have some photos of her and her dog taken and them. He had an idea of having some chalkboards and I give them a prompt to write the answer about one another. As I asked them to write down what they would have named each others dogs if they has swapped, they turned around with Trevors chalkboard saying "will you marry me?" Angies reaction and YES after he got down on one knee was priceless.

I am so excited for these two, rattlesnake lake proved be a an incredible location for this surprise proposal! 

Check everything out below!