how to create a styling board - tips for photographers - seattle wedding photographer

I am a part of an AMAZING Facebook community, Dream Chasers with Cameras. For a few days a lot of us were talking about styling boards, ways to make them and use them. I have made a few and they will be staples in my wedding day detail bag when I head out to shoot a wedding.

There are times you get to a venue you may have never shot at before and you just can’t find the right floor, chair, outdoor area to photograph all the beautiful wedding details your bride has gathered together for you. This is where your styling boards will be your life saver. 

Tips on creating and using your boards:

-Create many different sizes and colors of boards, that way when your bride tells you her colors, you most likely will have a board to compliment those colors beautifully.

-If you don’t think any of your premade boards will work, it’s a great idea to find some fabric that will and make another board – very low cost to create beautiful images in return.

-Styling boards are not just for wedding days, use them to photograph social media content, flat lays and new products.

-One other thing I have used them for is creating my very own bridal detail styled shoot.

-Other items to bring in your wedding day bag could be ribbon, greenery, tool/lace fabrics, small decorative details that match the wedding day theme/style.

So here are the steps:

1. What you will need:

-a painters canvas, whatever size you prefer, I suggest 16x20, 20x24, 20x28, 24x36(if you want something big) 

-fabric of your choice

-iron and ironing board


2. Iron your fabric, I always do this even though you tighten it around the board it will still keep wrinkles that you can see.

3. Flip your canvas so its face down on top of your fabric.

4. Staple 2 opposite sides first. Fold the fabric on one side and staple it to the wood frame. Then go to the opposite side and fold fabric over, PULL TIGHT and staple, keep pulling tight as you staple all the way across the wood frame.

5. I simply fold the corners up and staple them to the wood corner piece, its not pretty, but your not going to be looking at the back anyway. :) Then, repeat step 4 to the remaining sides, remember to pull the fabric TIGHT!

VOILA! I usually cut off the access fabric so its not flopping around. Turn it over and you have your very own styling board! Using a canvas keeps its durable and it will last. Then, if you ever get sick of the color of fabric or if it gets dirty, just remove the staples and replace the fabric! 

Finished product: