why natural light is so important on your wedding day - seattle wedding photographer - wedding day tips

Natural light is your best friend on your wedding day. Photographers will adapt to any given lighting situation.  But, if there is a chance to have a place for natural light in your getting ready room, take it! You will not be disappointed. Most of your day will consist of natural light, bride and groom photos, bridal party photos and family formal photos will all most likely take place outside. Heck, if you have a summer wedding, most likely your venue is an outdoor venue. Sometimes, getting ready gets overlooked but it is one of the most crucial places to have natural light for a few different reasons.

It REALLY, like really helps your makeup & hair artist. Natural light is the best light for finding even tones in your makeup. Your makeup artist will be pleased to find there is a nice large window to sit next to while you are getting ready.

Photos. Natural light is a photographer’s best friend as well. Playing with angles of light from a natural source gives the best depth and dimension to your photos.

All around, your vendors are going to be so thankful you took the time to find natural light for your getting ready area!