Guest Rachael Novak - How Living with Purpose Starts with Keeping Promises to Yourself

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In this Episode:

Rachael Novak is a Real Estate Team Owner and Listing Squad Leader. She is a rockstar mom of 3, wife, friend and big mindset personal development advocate. Rachael is a dear friend of mine and I am so excited to bring this conversation to the podcast!

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In this episode Rachael and I get deep into mindset habits and what living with purpose is really about. She shares enlightening ideas to kick start your mindset and backs up the importance of how you live a life with purpose all starts with keeping promises to yourself! Dig in to ALL the takeaways in this episode!

4:00 - Get to know Rachael!

8:30 - How resiliency can you get through the hard and scary

10:30 - Rachaels most valuable lesson and why Consistency is KEY

12:00 - Keeping promises to yourself, confidence and consistency

19:30 - What Rachael calls her Sandbox and why you should have one!

23:40 - Setting up for Success

30:50 - “Rapid fire” questions; morning routine, favorite healthy snack, books & podcasts

39:10 - How Hustle with Heart shows up in Rachaels life

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