Guest Meredith Conroy - How Starting with Change in Yourself Impacts Everything

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In this Episode:

3:00 - Merediths Story.

7:30 - How starting health and fitness has changed her life and business.

8:40 - Be confident in teaching what you know.

10:00 - Recognizing self doubt and how to overcome it.

15:20 - Is it something you’re afraid of, or something you just don’t want to do

16:50 - What happens when you blaze your own trail.

18:30 - Leveling up; When you hit elements of resistance in your journey and what those challenges teach you

20:40 - The power of community and having a mentor and space to lean on.

28:40 - Book & Podcast recommendations.

36:50 - Connect with Meredith.

Merediths Links:



Merediths Podcast : Confident Women Conquer

Downloadable PDF “Take Inventory of your Current Situation”

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