3 Things to Remember when you take on New Challenges! - Episode 5 - Hustle with Heart Podcast

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I am taking about 3 things to remember and take with you as you take on new challenges with the new year coming up!

As we come into the end of the year, it is inevitable that we reflect back on the last year, what have we accomplished, what did we not get done that we wanted to, was it a challenging year, was it not challenging enough and we celebrate coming into a new year with some outlooks on the new year, and for some people, the dreaded word.. Resolutions.

What new way are we going to go about achieving those goals or keeping those resolutions.

You cannot achieve, overcome, or stick to what you have set your goal, challenge or resolution for yourself if you don’t start taking the ACTION to do so.

1 - The Push Back

I feel this one comes first and full force. Things, people, events will try and get in your way, the littlest hurdles, set backs and interruptions will try and get in the way, stay in the way and persuade you that it is more important to focus on the interruption then the action at hand.

2- This World is Big

What you probably don’t know or sometimes don’t believe is that your part in it matters to the world! You might think, “yeah the world is so big, so what’s the freaking point” but I want you to think of it a different way, What about you taking on this challenge or goal is going to affect other people. This life is about connection, and when we take action and show we are doing so, it’s an automatic invitation for people to ask, be inspired and encouraged from what you are doing.

3-  Revel in the Reassessment

Take ownership and honor in bringing your goal to life. Make it be true, make it be known and visualize the end result.

As you take action, be present and pay attention to the interruptions, recognize them and move forward without hesitation. Doing so will create a connection of affect that you didn’t know you had until you started saying yes to actionable steps. Also make sure as set your goals, set out time to revel in the reassessment. Visualize your end result throughout your course of action, and take the time necessary to reassess to move forward with the same enthusiasm and perseverance you had when you sought out your goals.

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