Guest Emma Rose - Taking Charge of your Business and Life - Episode 9

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Guest Emma Rose with Emma Rose Company is on the show in this episode!

Emma has had many ups and downs, and changes in business and her personal life, from moving and adjusting to a lifestyle change, to teaching herself everything she could about photography and marketing which eventually led to learning all she needed to start designing beautiful websites for photographers and other creatives.

From brand representation to truly living a real, raw life and showing up in that same way, she has claimed a name for herself in the photographer and web design world. Emma also went through a huge life change in her own personal development side of things which started a launch into living a more active and healthy life and it has lifted something in her to sustain that lifestyle with everything in moderation, staying active, and showing up as she is wholeheartedly.

Through all of this conversation, Emma shares her advice and tid bits of inspiration for taking charge of your business and life.

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Freebie download from Emma : Wedding Workflow Kit

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