Guest Coach Ellyn Schinke - How Giving yourself Permission to Change your Mind will Change your Life - Episode 8

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In this episode:

Transformational and growth coach Ellyn Schinke talks travel, personal development and navigating big life shifts. Ellyn went after the more she wanted for her life. She made a huge life change and travelled the world for a year and found what more was for her in her life. She gave herself permission to change her mind for her life. She embarked on starting her business while abroad, and through the deep dive into personal development in conjunction with that, she found a way to share, explore and love the life she lives.

She gives advice on the importance of consistently seeking small steps, giving yourself permission to change your mind, and taking ownership of where you’re at. Takeaway tips and advice on building your mindset, overcome vulnerability and the importance of showing up in spite of fear. We also talk about embracing the seasons of life and reevaluating yourself!

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