Being You is the Power of your Brand with Photographer Courtney Wilde - Episode 14

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About this Episode:

Courtney is a personal brand photographer who serves mompreneurs by providing them three months worth of storytelling imagery for their businesses every quarter. She believes that time is a business owner's most valuable asset so she is on a mission to save her clients just that -- TIME -- by batch-working intentional and strategized photo content that will cause a personal connection between her clients and their targeted audiences. She is a boy mom, wife, dog mom, Seattleite, and she looooves a good old-fashioned cake donut.

In this conversation with Courtney we dive into what personal branding is, why it is so important for small business owners and what is a personal branding photo session and how they work. We talk about the major importance that being YOU is the power of your brand, and creating content surrounding who you are and what you represent will cultivate communication with your targeted audiences! Lots of good things in this one, Listen in!

Downloadable Resource from Courtney: 3 things you must do before your brand photo shoot

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