The intentional Planner

A planner so you can be intentional with your days, weeks, months and year.

April 2019-March 2020 (why such odd dates you may ask?) I find it so important to be able to plan and prepare well for the first of your year. I don’t like the stress of finding another planner, and having to plan things for the first of the year through the holidays. These dates let you plan out and see your 1st quarter of the year, I believe in the importance of seeing how your year is going to end but also being intentional with your goal setting for the first of the year! And then you have time to order The Intentional Planner Volume 2!

Here is a video showing you just how the planner works and what is included!

April Yentas Photography - planner-3.jpg
April Yentas Photography - planner-1.jpg