In 2 years I built my photography business from charging $50 for family sessions to charging $3200 for wedding photography packages. I KNEW my heart was in weddings, but I also knew I had to start somewhere. And everyone does! I was in the EXACT same shoes you are probably in this very moment when it comes to starting and sustaining your own photography business. Or you may have started and need some motivation and mentoring to take you to the next level in your business. I’m here for you!

In 2 years I doubled my wedding photography prices, tripled my bookings and quadrupled my income. I don’t sit here and say this to brag, because it was not without some hard core work and investment in me & my skills & education to get to where I am now.

But i’m going to say it again, everyone starts somewhere! I started not even having a clue how things functioned on my camera, but I taught my self the ins and outs of photography, business, business management and creating a one of kind client experience.

I am here for you in this mentoring process. Questions, guidance, help with photography skills, wedding photography, business management, websites, business tools, the list goes on. I will answer all of your questions as well as give you something to take with you, thats right homework. Based off of our session, afterward, I will create a one of a kind action plan for you based off of your aspirations in your photography business. Get ready to not only hear and learn from how I did things, what I learned from, but what you can apply to you and your business!

in My mentoring sessions, i meet you where you are at, and also challenge and encourage you to step into the person you are reaching out to become in this industry.

In person or online sessions available, I’m here for you!
I cant wait to meet you!

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In person 1-on-1 mentoring - 1 hour - $225

This purchase is good for 1- 1 hour IN PERSON mentoring session
Session must take place within 25 miles of Edmonds, WA - Location TBD after booking process

Inquire via email ( about purchasing a mentor session with travel costs.

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Online 1-on-1 mentoring - 1 hour - $175

This purchase is good for 1- 1 hour ONLINE VIDEO chat mentoring session
Session will be scheduled and take place via Google Hangouts video chat



Who is a mentoring session for?

Photographers of all levels. I am here to meet you at your level of needs. Weather you haven’t even touched a camera yet, or you shoot weddings but want to put more thought and intention into your business on the backend. There are so many topics we can discuss and its all based on what you are looking for in this time of need.

What are common topics?

While I am an open book, the areas I feel I can offer the most are; starting and sustaining a photography business, honing in on your style, business tools & backend workflow, website & portfolio critiques, client experience & self development.

Is there a set time you schedule these sessions?

While there are no strict time frames, most in person sessions take place Monday-Thursday between 10am-3pm. Wether in person or online, the session times are dependent on my availability at that time. Once you buy your session, you will recieve an email to schedule your session time!

How can I make the most out of my time with you?

Be prepared with specific questions & topics you want to cover. I want to be prepared for you as well, so after you buy your session you will receive an email to tell me a little more about you, your business and the things you want to focus on for our session!

How do I sign up?

Simply scroll up and click the buy now button under whichever type of session you are looking for; in person or online. Then you will get an email to schedule the specific time for your session and have a chance to tell me more about you!

Can I add on extra time?

Yes! For a limited time you can add on an extra hour to our session for $70.


Buy one session get your second one for $100!