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Hey! We are Kelsey and April, co-founders of Ignite; resourceful events for building your business and improving your life!

Our events started as branding headshot events, where Kelsey did hair and makeup and April took headshot photos. Both of us have had an itch to do more and create more for a community of like-minded people & small biz owners, just like ourselves, so we took action. We wanted to create events that would be helpful, inspirational and tactile, and Ignite is just that.

Ignite is also a place to be FULL of heartfelt community. Real, helpful, encouraging and uplifting people getting together to root each other on and sincerely help each other along the path.

Ignite is your pathway to purpose with community.

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Coffee shop work days & frequent How to/Tips & Tricks LIVEs will be announced in the FB group!

Next Event:
Ignite your ideal client
July 9th
4814 Interlake Ave N c, Seattle