Brand Videos for Creatives

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Now booking Brand Video Clients in Washington State

November - April 

Do you run a creative small business? Do you want your clients to see who you are and why you do what you do? Video is such an impactful way to show your clients or newcomers to your website or social accounts who you are and your why. It will be a video to speak to your ideal clients in a personable, professional way. The power of you and your brand is what I dig deep into, with you, to showcase your services and you as a creative entrepreneur. 

As you can see, I am a wedding photographer. But one thing I have realized after diving into my love for photography is the excitement I get in meeting and working with other creative entrepreneurs. I focus on living my life looking forward to the next experience I get to be a part of. Creating an experience to show your clients is what I want to do for you! Contact me below to chat more about your vision and lets set up a phone call to talk about getting started!! I can't wait to meet you!


Making a Brand Video

Once booking is complete, we make a plan. All filming for audio and video will be done in the same day. 

I capture footage of you working with clients at a session/styled session, you in your workspace/studio, with your family if you want etc. 

Then we sit down and talk about you, your business, why you do what you do.

Then I go home and work on making it a brand video true to your voice. Once finished, you will receive an mp4 file of your 2-3 minute brand video!