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Branding memberships

what is a branding membership?

It’s a monthly or bi-monthly membership to hire/collaborate with me, April, to bring you monthly professional photos to use as you so please; on your website/online shop, printed photos in your store, & on social media! You can switch it up month by month if you would rather have you, your shop, or employees photographed or product photographed. If you are a shop, the date I come collect product will be discussed in the collaboration/hire process. If you are a service based business, our date for our shoot will be scheduled every month/bi month!

You receive at least 32 fully edited high resolution photos, dependent on the amount of product & type of shoot we plan for you and your business!


a monthly membership fee is $350 (taxes included)
compensated with a monthly credit of $350(after taxes) to shop at the store/use for service

*a membership can be cancelled or postponed at any time
as long as I receive 15 days notice!*

Why do i want a branding membership?

It is a easy, simple way to obtain professional photos of you, your product or service and/or shop to use as you so choose, and can be modified or cancelled at any time. You get to work with a professional photographer, and receive professional photos to help you stand out in the crowd in your industry/on social media, and we get to support each other as small business owners!

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