a little about me

Hi! I am April, the girl behind the camera. Most days you will find me at home drinking coffee after coffee, with 18 web browsers open on my computer - or - I might just be getting ready to head out on a hike in the Pacific Northwest. Ice cream, especially mint chip is the way to my heart and wine tasting is one of my favorite activities. I love summer bbqs, CrossFit, and weekend getaways with my family.  My friends would say I am a spontaneous, driven women with big dreams and if you ever need a someone to go wine tasting with you, I'd be your girl.

I had my daughter right out of college and it really threw my life for a loop, but everything has really come full circle and my creative dreams then have manifested into my creative passion for photography. I use my gifts to impact the lives of others and make true connections with my clients and soon to be friends. 

I hope that that you find yourself here, searching for a friend, a photographer and a dreamer, because I believe you are here, in the right place at the right time.  Another thing I hope is that you are searching for a wedding photographer who is committed to you, the bride and groom. I love new adventures, and I want to document your love as we adventure together. Wherever we go, let's go and see something beautiful together!  You are paying me to do something I love, and I want to gain not just another client but new friends as we embark on our adventure together. Your money and time are important and I focus on that when it comes to what I offer in my packages.

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After picking up a camera I knew I was never going to wonder where I would fit in as a professional again. For a long time, I was searching for that. I kept wondering if I should just give up on my creative endeavor and find a 9-5, something solid for the day in and day out. But, I just couldn’t give up. I continued to strive for creative avenues in jobs and fell short every time, until I picked up a camera. I fell in love with my hopes and dreams again. Those being, owning a business that is creatively driven and provides the means to live for my family. Having flexibility for time with my family and friends. I get to take photos, curate moments, connect socially and see true love, and that is truly amazing.

I want to be constantly finding new ways to curate life, as business moves forward I see how many ways I get to do that for others. The pivotal moments in our lives, like getting married and having a baby, are things that change us forever, the couples I work for are taking on that change, with passion and fearlessness, and I feel so grateful to be able to capture those moments.

I have discovered myself as a creative again. My daughter gets to grow up watching and absorbing the energy I feel when I pick up a camera.  It is really important to my husband and I to create a life that shows her that working hard at something you love is rewarding. I feel like I have hit the jackpot of rewards for doing something I love, by grabbing my camera and documenting love.


our love story


Awhile after I graduated high school, I had a career in mind, I went to college for Interior Design in Los Angeles, CA. I had all these ideas planned for the future. But, I ended up being 4 months pregnant when I graduated, and I moved home to Edmonds, WA where I was closest to my family and friends to have my baby girl. My little girl, Emmy, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would have never met and married my sweet, hardworking husband, Alex if I hadn't moved back home. My husband and I were together for 4 years before we got engaged, he swooped into my life when Emmy was 10 months old and he transformed our single parent home into a family of 3. We were inseparable after our first date. Our friends were pretty annoyed at us with how giddy we were for one another, but deep down they all knew, this was it. We got married in August 2015.  I would not be the parent I am, the wife I am, the person I am today without him. I share our little story because that is our love story, and I want to hear yours. Everything is important when telling a story, and curating moments to show the importance of your love is what I plan to do as we work together.