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Hi! I'm April!

The women behind it all over here in my corner of the internet! I am a passionate soul on a mission to create experiences and connect with my clients on deep personal levels.

I love the PNW and my favorite thing about it is the colors and views it gives us throughout the seasons. I'll take a coffee basically anywhere, anytime, and my CrossFit gym is my home away from home. If I am not photographing weddings on weekends, weekend getaways with my family are my absolute favorite. Wine tasting is definitely a close second. 

I love gelato, la croix, summer bbqs, airports (something about so many people going so many places makes me happy), photography (duh), making lists and new pens (they just go together). I have an undeniable passion for personal development, as I believe there is always room for improvement.

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I started my photography business in April of 2016. I quickly realized that this was my thing, my calling, my passion. With my growing business came more ideas and other facets of my business popped up everywhere. Personal development is a big part of my business and business growth. After starting in photography I figured out having a personal brand was so important to this industry.

I have a different story then some, I wasn’t working the 9-5 and found photography on the side, or didn’t study it in college. Three years ago, I was working at a coffee shop and I decided I needed to do something for me and my creative itch and so I bought a camera; learned everything about it, about light, emotion, creating energy, working with clients, running a business and all of the things in between. And now, here I am today! One thing I have always been, is creative. Growing up I filled my school schedule with art electives and that lead me to moving to Los Angeles, CA to go to college for Interior Design. 4 months away from graduating I found out I was pregnant, and quickly was faced with the fact that I was going to be a single mom just graduating from college. I graduated with my A.A. in Interior Design and moved back home to Washington state to be with my family and friends. My creative dreams were then filled up with motherhood and single parent status but with the support from my family and friends and the faith I had for mine and my daughters life, I truly enjoyed this time and accepted it with my whole heart.

My daughter Emmy was 10 months old and the trajectory of our lives changed when my now husband asked me out on a date. We were together ever since that first date in 2010. We got married in August 2015. My husband, Alex took on fatherhood from the get go. Alex became Agees (Emmys version of Alex at 2yo) and then became Daddy and my heart swells when I get to tell this story, because it is mine, and I am so dang grateful for that. Alex and Emmy are my why. They both were brought into my world to show me a love that was undeniable.

The reason I put this out there is because that undeniable love. I have felt it, I see it and know it. Marriage and weddings light me up, and to see the undeniable love between my couples, and with their family and friends, its truly an honor to be there and be a part of documenting that day!


Couples: As you may have already realized, I love marriage & weddings. I got married in 2015 and every day, week, month, and year you learn something new about this embarkment we get to take on with the love of our lives! 

I truly think photography is one of the most important items to consider when planning a wedding, as I have been there myself!

I believe in marriage and getting to know my couples is one of the most important things. It is my goal to capture your love, your day, and celebrate with you while using my gift to capture the day you start the wonderful journey of marriage together.

Also, I love traveling, take me with you and I'll photograph your wedding!

If you like what you hear, then I think we would be a good fit! Let's grab a coffee or meet for happy hour and talk about your day! I can't wait to meet and get to know you!